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Zig Zag Buckstitch Belt

Zig Zag Buckstitch Belt

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This subtle light brown belt with triangular I-Beam stitching is the perfect mix of punchy and plain jane. Finished off with tan buckstitch this belt is slightly wider at 1 7/8" tapering into 1 1/2" at the ends. Working cowgirl? Plain Jane, barrel racer? or looking for something perfect for the ranch horse show pen? I promise this roughout belt won't disappoint. 

To insure the perfect fit the numerical size is equal to the length of the belt at the second to last hole including the buckle. For the full length (including the stock buckle) to the last hole add 2 inches to the numerical size. Adding a belt buckle will add more length to your belt!

Handmade in Texas by the Family and Team at Double J Saddlery. 

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